Types of membership

Full membership

Full membership of Sussex Advanced Drivers is available to anyone who has passed the RoSPA advanced test for cars within the past three years and is a current member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR). 

Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to any driver who holds a current driving licence and is joining in order to train towards the RoSPA advanced driving test.
Preparing for the advanced test involves a significant commitment since the test standards, which are based on the police system of driving, are high.

On receipt of your application to join we endeavour to match you with a tutor within reasonable travelling distance of your home address. You will have paid the membership fee (currently £18) and the joining fee (£60) of which £50 will be refunded if you pass the advanced driving test within 6 months. The 6 months period is counted from the day you start training with your tutor to the date when you apply for the Advanced Driving Test.

The test will be conducted by a RoSPA examiner and on passing you will become a RoADAR member for the first year. Subsequent RoSPA RoADAR membership fees include the test fee for the required 3-yearly retest to refresh your skills.

Friends Membership

This is open to existing members of Sussex Advanced Drivers who have previously passed the RoSPA advanced driving test and have not passed a re-test within the immediate three-year period, but wish to maintain an interest in advanced driving and the group’s activities.
It is also open to interested members of the public.

Benefits (Sussex Advanced Drivers)

(There is an additional fee for RoSPA RoADAR membership, please check their website for details).