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Membership Secretary:

Due to unforeseen circumstances our membership secretary had to resign their position on the committee. We are now seeking for a replacement. Is there anyone that is familiar with Word and Excel that would be willing to take on this important position? I am told it is not too difficult or time consuming and training is available to anyone willing to take on the roll. Please contact Paul Purdy or any committee member. Your help will be greatly appreciated


We are also looking for a replacement Treasurer at the next AGM. Matt has kindly offered to help and advise anyone willing to take on the role, so there is plenty of time for any help that may be required. This is a very important role and we cannot run the group without one. Matt assures me that there is not a great deal of work involved, so if you have 10 digits and a bit of spare time please put your name forward.


Paul Purdy


Matt Porterfield

Group Secretary

Edward Redman

Membership Sec (Temporary)

Margret Preece

Training Officer

Duncan Hauser

Vice Chair

Kevin Reader

Events Organiser

Kevin Reader

Newsletter Editor

Margret Preece

Website Manager

Edward Redman

Committee Member

Gwyn Davies

Committee Member

Anthony Platts